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Welcome to the Milwaukee Lake Park Lawn Bowling Association (MLPLBA).

MLPLBA Logo 1We play the modern sport of Bowls. Our season runs from May through October. We are a private club and offer league and tournament play to our members. The public is always welcome to watch us play and may try out the game when we have an open house or by scheduling a lesson.  See our calendar for the complete schedule.

Outdoor Wisconsin Features Lawn Bowls

The Milwaukee Lake Park Lawn Bowling Association was featured on the PBS television program Outdoor Wisconsin. Club members appearing in the segment include Ted Bailey, Max Cavender, Bill Harrington, Norma Harrington, Carl Landgren, and Bob Schneider.


The game is known around the world as Bowls, Lawn Bowls, or Bowling on the Green. It dates back to colonial times in the United States and is speculated to have originated with the ancient Egyptians. Organized lawn bowling in the Milwaukee area started around 1913 at the Stickney Field club in Wauwatosa, WI. 
NAME – The Milwaukee Lawn Bowling Association started as a mens-only club in 1920 and played at Lake Park. They renamed themselves Milwaukee Lawn Bowling Association, Incorporated in 1961. Women started playing at Lake Park in 1961, but it wasn’t until 1971 that they organized themselves as the Lake Park Ladies Auxiliary. The women’s club soon renamed themselves the Lake Park Lawn Bowling League in 1972. The men’s and women’s clubs merged in 1995 and became Milwaukee Lake Park Lawn Bowling Association, Incorporated.
GREEN and CLUBHOUSE – According to the Board of Park Commission, in 1920 “a bowling on the green was built in Lake Park and is located westerly of the children’s playgrounds and the tennis courts.” It had 4 rinks.  By 1932, the green was expanded to 8 rinks and in 1937, a second green of 8 rinks was completed. In 1961, the old greens were replaced by two new greens of eight rinks each on the west side of the Pavilion (now Lake Park Bistro). The clubhouse was erected in 1962, enlarged in 1980, and an addition was built in 1985. Today, the Milwaukee Lake Park Lawn Bowling Association makes it home at these greens and clubhouse.