Open House 2017

Our first Open House Event on Sunday, May 28, 2017, got off to a rainy start, but when the sun came out, 28 guests showed up to learn how to bowl. Our volunteers were kept busy showing people how to deliver bowls and play a few mini-games. Our next Open House Event is scheduled or Friday, June 9, 2017 from 5-9 pm.

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Butler Blind Pairs Tournament 2017

24 members took part in the Butler Blind Pairs Tournament, held on Saturday, May 27, 2017. Four 8-end games were played, with leads and skips playing with different partners each game. The skips finished: 1. Rob Behncke, 2. Bob Schneider, 3. Crandall Hays. The leads finished: 1. Roland Faas, 2. Shirley Burmester, 3. Joan Faas.

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Opening Day 2017

The Milwaukee Lake Park Lawn Bowling Association kicked off its 2017 Season on Saturday, May 6, 2017 with a luncheon and pick-up games of bowls. The Club President, Rebecca Nguyen, and Committee Chairs updated the members on several of our initiatives this year.

  • We will be using our new Henselite Scoreboards during league and tournament play, which were purchased with funds form the Bowls USA Grant Program.
  • We will be offering a series of coaching clinics to teach the fundamentals of our sport to our members.
  • We have recruited a volunteer pool of greens mowers as part of an ambitious plan to mow each green twice a week.
  • Work continues on various projects in the clubhouse, grounds, and greens. We are in year 2 of a 5-year plan.  
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Potlicker Pairs Tournament

There was limited participation this year, but the team of Rob Behncke and Bob Schneider prevailed over Leif Andresen and Jim Grzybowski to win the “Pot.”

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Memorial Day Weekend Blind Pairs Tournament

We had 16 entrants.  The winning team was Jim Grzybowski (skip) and Jerry Mathwig (lead), defeating Crandall Hays (skip) and Min Waite (lead).  After the winning team, each player was ranked according to wins and plus points.  Crandall finished third, Min fourth, Brian Schieble fifth, and Carl Landgren sixth.

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2016 Lawn Bowls Season Kicks Off

The Milwaukee Lake Park Lawn Bowling Association had its annual Spring Luncheon on Saturday, May 21 followed by a pick up game on the green in Lake Park to mark Opening Day of the 2016.

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2015 Annual Meeting of the Membership

We held our Annual Meeting of the Membership on October 31, 2015.  Club business was discussed and elections were held. The following members will serve as officers for a 1-year term: President – Rebecca Nguyen; Vice President – Crandall Hays; Secretary – Anna Witt; Treasurer – Margie Knitter. The following members were elected to 3-year terms as Directors: Steve Sedgwick and Bob Schneider. Additionally, Matt de St. Aubin and Glorianne Mather will complete the remaining 1-year terms of Director positions that were vacated. Leif Andresen and Carl Landgren have 2 years remaining in the terms as Directors. Thank you to our outgoing officers and directors for their service: Viki Olsen, Rob Behncke, Jim Grzybowski. The Board of Directors will be planning our 2016 season over the winter.

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National Championships

Six MLPLBA members represented the Central Division at the Bowls USA National Championships in Long Beach, CA October 20-25, 2015.

  • Women’s Singles – Pat Wimmer
  • Women’s Pairs – Anna Witt/Rebecca Nguyen (3rd place)
  • Men’s Singles – Steve Nelson (2nd place)
  • Men’s Pairs – Bob Schneider/Rob Behncke (1st place)
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Chili Bowl

This team tournament was held on October 10, 2015. 16 players participated and were divided into two teams of 8 players each. The teams competed against each other in Pairs and Singles competitions. The team of Carl Landgren, Rob Behncke, Jim Grzybowski, Mark Mathwig, Matt de St. Aubin, Pat Wimmer, Bob Schneider, Brian Schieble came out ahead. Chili was provided by Joe Zinna and Jim Grzybowski. Leif Andresen organized the tournament and provided excellent Mariachi music.

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U.S. Open

This Bowls USA tournament was held in the Los Angeles, CA area September 26 – October 3. There were 190 male and 82 female participants, including our own Anna Witt and Rob Behncke. Max Cavender, associate member, also played. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the format of the Open, any team reaching the Championship Flight finals has not lost a game going in.  Reaching the finals in another flight means you have lost only one game.  Considering the competition, which consists of some of the best bowlers from the US as well as many top bowlers from other countries, getting to the finals in any of these events is a great accomplishment.

  • Anna Witt
    • Fours. 4th Flight. 2nd Place (partners Lorraine Hitchcock of SC Division, Laura Copper and Beverly Hadley of Australia)
    • Pairs. 2nd Flight. 1st Place (partner Brenda Wright of SW Division)
  • Rob Behncke
    • Fours. 4th Flight. 1st Place (partners Ash Christie, Tim Christie, and Danyon Christis of Australia)
  • Max Cavender
    • Fours. 4th Flight. 2nd Place (partners Aaron Zangl, Scott Roberts, Charlie Herbert of SW Division)
    • Pairs. Championship Flight. 2nd place (partner Matt Bauchiero of SW Division)
    • Singles. 5th Flight. 2nd Place

You can check out all the results here:

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