2015 Annual Meeting of the Membership

We held our Annual Meeting of the Membership on October 31, 2015.  Club business was discussed and elections were held. The following members will serve as officers for a 1-year term: President – Rebecca Nguyen; Vice President – Crandall Hays; Secretary – Anna Witt; Treasurer – Margie Knitter. The following members were elected to 3-year terms as Directors: Steve Sedgwick and Bob Schneider. Additionally, Matt de St. Aubin and Glorianne Mather will complete the remaining 1-year terms of Director positions that were vacated. Leif Andresen and Carl Landgren have 2 years remaining in the terms as Directors. Thank you to our outgoing officers and directors for their service: Viki Olsen, Rob Behncke, Jim Grzybowski. The Board of Directors will be planning our 2016 season over the winter.

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National Championships

Six MLPLBA members represented the Central Division at the Bowls USA National Championships in Long Beach, CA October 20-25, 2015.

  • Women’s Singles – Pat Wimmer
  • Women’s Pairs – Anna Witt/Rebecca Nguyen (3rd place)
  • Men’s Singles – Steve Nelson (2nd place)
  • Men’s Pairs – Bob Schneider/Rob Behncke (1st place)
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Chili Bowl

This team tournament was held on October 10, 2015. 16 players participated and were divided into two teams of 8 players each. The teams competed against each other in Pairs and Singles competitions. The team of Carl Landgren, Rob Behncke, Jim Grzybowski, Mark Mathwig, Matt de St. Aubin, Pat Wimmer, Bob Schneider, Brian Schieble came out ahead. Chili was provided by Joe Zinna and Jim Grzybowski. Leif Andresen organized the tournament and provided excellent Mariachi music.

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U.S. Open

This Bowls USA tournament was held in the Los Angeles, CA area September 26 – October 3. There were 190 male and 82 female participants, including our own Anna Witt and Rob Behncke. Max Cavender, associate member, also played. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the format of the Open, any team reaching the Championship Flight finals has not lost a game going in.  Reaching the finals in another flight means you have lost only one game.  Considering the competition, which consists of some of the best bowlers from the US as well as many top bowlers from other countries, getting to the finals in any of these events is a great accomplishment.

  • Anna Witt
    • Fours. 4th Flight. 2nd Place (partners Lorraine Hitchcock of SC Division, Laura Copper and Beverly Hadley of Australia)
    • Pairs. 2nd Flight. 1st Place (partner Brenda Wright of SW Division)
  • Rob Behncke
    • Fours. 4th Flight. 1st Place (partners Ash Christie, Tim Christie, and Danyon Christis of Australia)
  • Max Cavender
    • Fours. 4th Flight. 2nd Place (partners Aaron Zangl, Scott Roberts, Charlie Herbert of SW Division)
    • Pairs. Championship Flight. 2nd place (partner Matt Bauchiero of SW Division)
    • Singles. 5th Flight. 2nd Place

You can check out all the results here: http://bowlsusa.us/us_open/2015/results.php.

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Veteran Novice

Veteran and novice bowlers came together to form six pairs teams and competed against each other in a 6-end round robin tournament on September 26, 2015. The tournament director was Carl Landgren. Results were:

  • 1st place:     Carl Landgren/Min Waite
  • 2nd place (tie):    Crandall Hays/Barb Gamoke and Pat Wimmer/Joanne Moll
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Otto Hess Invitational

This men’s only tournament was held on September 12, 2015. Ten men formed 5 pairs teams.  Thank you to tournament co-directors, Bob Schneider and Leif Andresen.

  • 1st place: Bob Schneider/Matt de St. Aubin
  • 2nd place: Rob Behncke/Jim Cavender
  • 3rd place: Crandall Hays/John Kirkwood
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Sydney Steller Invitational

This women’s only tournament was held on September 12, 2015. Four women took turns playing with and against each other in a round-robin pairs tournament. Pat Wimmer was the decisive winner. Tiebreakers were needed to determine the final standings of the remaining participants. Thank you to tournament director, Glorianne Mather.

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Summer Party Scores Big

The summer party was held on Sunday, August 23, 2014. We had 34 members and 2 guests in attendance. Thank you to Rebecca Nguyen for preparing all of the delicious food! Anna Witt then organized a pairs game where the afternoon league bowlers chose a partner from among the evening league bowlers.  There was some high-spirited play! In one of the games, Crandall Hays and his partner managed  a supershot (where one team scores all the possible points, 8).

Summer Party

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Central Division Playdowns Singles

MLPLBA hosted the Central Division Playdowns Pairs tournament on August 15-16, 2015.  Central Division Playdowns Singles MenMEN – Steve Nelson needed all of his experience in national and international play to get by his long time pairs partner Carl Landgren and win the 2015 Singles Playdowns.  Both players were on their games in the 90 degree heat.  The match featured fifteen 1-point ends and a multitude of brilliant shots.  On the last end, Steve was up 19-18 and lying three with his bowls within 12 inches of the jack.  Carl then drew down inside Steve’s shot bowl.  With his last bowl, Steve rolled Carl’s bowl out of the head for the two shots he needed for the win.  Landgren finished in second place with Leif Andresen in third.

Central Division Playdowns Singles WomenWOMEN – Pat Wimmer won the double elimination match against second year bowler Min Waite.  This will be the third year in a row that Pat has ably represented the Central Division.

Steve and Pat, both members of MLPLBA, will be representing the Central Division at the National Championships in Long Beach, CA from October 20-25, 2015.

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Central Division Open Singles

Central Division Open Singles WinnersCentral Division Open SinglesMLPLBA hosted the Central Division Open Singles tournament on August 8-9, 2015. Eleven bowlers participated. Max Cavender edged out three time national champion Bob Schneider to capture the 2015 Central Division Singles title.  Bob had a 10 to 5 point advantage in the 18 shot final, but Max played some dynamic bowls to even up the match at 12 and then forge ahead for the win.   Both players traded shot after shot throughout the game which made it a very exciting and entertaining event to watch.  In the battle for third place, Steve Nelson played his usual steady and deadly bowls to defeat Anna Witt.   Jim Grzybowski was at the top of his game and took out Rob Behncke for first place in Flight A.  Pat Wimmer outlasted Glen Weber to win Flight B. The tournament director was Anna Witt. Special thanks to our volunteer markers, John Kirkwood, Margie Knitter, and Michael Bennett. Results were:

  • Championship Flight 1st place: Max Cavender
  • Championship Flight 2nd place: Bob Schneider
  • Championship Flight 3rd place: Steven Nelson
  • Championship Flight 4th place: Anna Witt
  • A Flight 1st place: Jim Grzybowski
  • A Flight 2nd place: Rob Behncke
  • B Flight 1st place: Pat Wimmer
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