Try It!

Lawn bowling – Milwaukee style — is an outdoor, summer sport played from June to October on special grass greens in beautiful Lake Park. Games are hosted by the Milwaukee Lake Park Lawn Bowling Association. We’re a mixed crowd of women and men of all ages, skills, and backgrounds.

How do you play? The objective of the game is to roll your game bowls so they land closest to a small white target ball. Lawn bowls are not perfectly round; they are slightly slanted on the edges which allows them to curve on their own. While the game looks similar to bocce and curling, it has its own unique characteristics. In lawn bowling, the ball or bowl is rolled not thrown, as it is in bocce. And unlike curling, there’s no ice or brooms involved.

Interested? We invite you to come watch during league play or take a one-hour lesson from one of our experienced coaches and then join club members in playing a game. Lessons are $10 and are offered at 10 AM every Saturday morning during June, July, and August.

What about equipment? All you need are flat-soled shoes (or play barefoot). Bowls are available for use free of charge in the club house next to the greens.

If you have a larger group, please check out our Group Events.

Other ways you can learn:

Open Houses – Open to the public. Swing on by. Try it out!

Join – Forget trying it…sign me up now! First year membership is discounted 50% just to get you started.

Hope to see you this season!