Coaching Clinics

We offer a series of free Coaching Clinics to teach/review the fundamentals of our game. All members are welcome to participate and we especially encourage our novice bowlers (2 years or less of experience) to take part. The lessons are hands on. You’ll be learning as you play.

  • How should I deliver the bowl to minimize wobble?
  • What happens if both leads throw the jack out of bounds?
  • My skip is giving me hand signals, but I have no idea what they mean!
  • What are some drills I can do for practice?

We’ll answer these questions and more!

It would be great if you can make it to all the clinic sessions, but even if you can just make it to one, we welcome you. Each is 45 minutes long.

Clinic Information

  • Mat and Delivery
  • Jack
  • Line Adjustment and Weight Control
  • Player Positions and Roles


  • Must be an active member of MLPLBA
  • Contact a club coach to make an appointment. In general, our availability is:
    • Glorianne Mather – Tuesday’s at 6pm and various Saturday mornings
    • Steve Sedgwick – Tuesday’s at 6 pm
    • Alice Sedgwick – Tuesday’s at 6 pm
    • Carl Landgren – Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s at 6 pm
    • Anna Witt – Wednesday’s at 6 pm and various weekends