Purchasing Bowls

It is a rewarding process and a great investment to obtain your own set of bowls. Some models of bowls are not very well suited for the speed of our outdoor green, so you don’t want to make the mistake of choosing a draw line that will frustrate you. Most bowls last for a good 30 years if taken care of, and have decent resale value, if you decide the bowl doesn’t work for you or if you are hoping to purchase used bowls.

Please contact Rob Behncke or other veteran experienced bowlers in our club for guidance or consultation in choosing your first set of bowls. Please note this resource document will be updated regularly so if you have previous experience purchasing bowls and would like to contribute your bowls purchasing knowledge please contact Scott Lehmann with purchase site/contact/club information. Good Bowling!

Sites & Contacts for Purchasing Used & New Bowls

Bowls Stores:


  • US site for Aero Bowls and accessories
  • Aero is the most modern bowls manufacturer (Australia), using the newest technology to create some of the most accurate lawn bowls draw lines around. This also makes them the most expensive


  • Features new and used bowls of all makes/models as well as other bowls accessories and clothing/shoes
  • Often has good deals on a variety of used bowls in great condition
  • Ships from England & prices listed in British pounds (₤)


  • Features a good variety of customization of your desired bowl from all makes, colors, designs and logos
  • Ships from England & prices listed in British pounds (₤)

Bowls Direct From Manufacturer Sites:


  • Made in England & one of the oldest bowls manufacturers out of the UK
  • Their Professional series bowl is one of the most popular and reliable bowls trusted by many bowlers on both indoor and outdoor surfaces


  • Originally an Australian manufacturer, recommended to order through the uk site for lower shipping costs


  • Made in Scotland & leading bowls innovator for over 200 years

Club Based Bowls:


  • Arizona based options: Bill Pearson sells used bowls, Bob Perry distributes for the big brands Contact Dale Parsons for further info.