Chili Bowl


The Chili Bowl is our last club tournament of the season and is open to all club bowlers. Participants sign up as individuals and the tournament director(s) assign two large, evenly ranked teams (Chili Roja or Chili Verde), which compete against each other in a variety of lawn bowling disciplines which may include singles, pairs, triples and fours in the morning and afternoon.  In each game you will be playing with different partners against a different opponent. The competing particpants and teams earn points based on whether they win or lose and by how many points per game. At the end of play, the top-scoring team (Chili Roja or Chili Verde) is declared the tournament winner.

As the name of the tournament suggests, chili creation and consumption plays a major role! A number of various styles of chili will be available for breakfast, brunch, lunch and during breaks between games. Our fourth annual chili contest will offer participants the chance to vote for their favorite chili and crown a chili champ (by vote) next to the bowling team champs (by performance). The entry fee supports the day-long chili brunch. And if you are not a chili fan, we will have light breakfast basics available as well as Mac N Cheese at lunch. If you would like to prepare a chili this year, please email Steve Hoelter at: specifying the type of chili you will offer. The first five accepted chilis are entered into the chili champ contest voted on by participants. Chili contestants supply a large crockpot of chili which can be plugged in at the clubhouse and must bring serving utensils and any condiments or garnishes to compliment. Please also mail Steve if you can provide your famous Mac N Cheese dish. All Chili or Mac N Cheese entries receive free tournament entry.

2023 Tournament Information

  • Date: Saturday, October 21
  • Entry fee: $12
  • Draw Time: 8:30 AM
  • Start Time: 9:00 AM
  • Attire: Casual matching team colors Roja or Verde
  • Tournament Directors: Rob Behncke at: and Gary Dalton


We can only accept an even number of entries for this tournament and half-day registration is an option, but only if we can keep teams even. Full-day registration is preferred. Substitutes welcome as needed. Log into: and click the Purchase button in the Chilibowl listing under available tournaments and follow the prompts. When you are done you should see your Chilibowl entry under My Tournaments. Please bring your $12 cash payment to the clubhouse and place cash only in the gold Chilibowl envelope on the desk prior to the tournament or on the day of. 

Deadline: Thursday, October 19, 2023

2022 Winning Team: Chili Roja

2022 Chili Champ: Steve Hoelter

2021 Winning Team: Chili Verde

2021 Chili Champ: Bizzy Schultz