1st Veteran/Novice Tournament held at MLPLBA

15 bowlers particpated in the first Veteran/Novice tournament held at Milwaukee Lake Park LBA on Sunday, September 25, 2011. Creative lawn bowling attire was encouraged and some teams got into the spirit by wearing tie-dyed t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, and Packers jerseys. Format of play was Australian Pairs, making the traditional designation of skip and lead irrelevant. Teams were thrilled with the long stretch of overcast skies, but heavy rains eventually forced them to abandon play after 2 and 5/8 games. The truncated results are:

1st – Bob Schneider/John Adamski – 3 wins
2nd – Carl Landgren/David Olsen – 2 wins, 18 plus points
3rd – Rob Behncke/Brendan Churchill – 2 wins, 17 plus points
4th – Leif Andresen/Jack Britton – 2 wins, -6 plus points
5th- Charlene Harmon/Vicki Olsen – 1 win, -2 plus points
6th – Anna Witt/Jack Abrams – 1 win, -7 plus points
7th – Veteran tag team/John McKay, 1 win, -10 plus points
8th – Jim Grzybowski/Randy Grzybowski – 0 wins


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