Blind Pairs Winner’s Circle

Blind Pairs 2012 Top ThreeAfter enduring two hours of rain, twenty-six bowlers were rewarded with two days of absolutely beautiful weather and great bowling in the Blind Pairs tournament held over the Memorial Day weekend. Blind Pairs is the traditional kick-off event for the Milwaukee Lake Park Lawn Bowls Club and features a unique format in which skips and leads play with different partners in each game, hence the term “blind pairs”. After each game the winning leads are paired with losing skips and vice versa.  Thanks to tournament director Rob Behncke for a well run event. See more photos of the event in the Gallery.  Top three winners pictured are Bob Schneider (right), Lorraine Gebert (center) / Dorothy Bauer (missing), Crandall Hays (left).
The top eight bowlers who placed in the tournament are:
  1. Bob Schneieder (S)                                    5 Wins (+26)
  2. Dorothy Bauer/Lorraine Gebert (L)      4 Wins (+30)
  3. Crandall Hays (S)                                       4 Wins (+20)
  4. Pat Wimmer (L/S)                                     4 Wins (+4)
  5. Bill Harrington (L)                                     3.5 Wins (-6)
  6. Jack Britton (new bowler) (L)                  3 Wins (+14)
  7. Sharon Legwinski/Elaine Posard (L)      3 Wins (+5)
  8. Jim Grzybowski (S)                                    3 Wins (+3)
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