Milwaukee bowlers travel South to play in Division Open Tournaments

MLPLBA members are welcome to bowl in the Open Tournaments of the seven Divisions of Bowls USA. Several of our members took advantage of this opportunity to play in the

  • South Central Open, February 7-12, 2015,  in Sun City and Sun City West, AZ
  • Southeast Open, March 7-12, 2015 in Sun City and Sarasota, FL
  • Southwest Open, April 11-16, 2014 in Arcadia, CA

Pat Wimmer, Glorianne Mather, Anna Witt, Rob Behncke, Bob Schneider, and Max Cavender enjoyed the socialization and competition with other bowlers from the United States and Canada. They are pictured here with various teammates.

SC Open Womens Pairs Pat 2015SE Open Womens Fours Glorianne 2015SW Open Womens Fours Anna 2015SW Open Mens Pairs Bob Rob 2015SW Open Mens Pairs Max 2015







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