Stuart Club Pairs

Stuart Club PairsThe Stuart Club Pairs tournament was held on August 1, 2015. Although there were only four teams in this one day tournament, the playing field was competitive. The format was a round robin with each game consisting of 12 ends. It was shaping up to be a three-way tie, but finally it came down to a tie between John Kirkwood/Rebecca Nguyen and Carl Landgren/Glorianne Mather. Not only were they tied in games won, but also tied in plus points. The next tiebreaker was total number of ends won. Kirkwood/Nguyen edged out Landgren/Mather 22 to 21 ends. So close! Thank you to tournament director, Rebecca Nguyen.

  • 1st place: John Kirkwood/Rebecca Nguyen
  • 2nd place: Carl Landgren/Glorianne Mather
  • 3rd place: Rob Behncke/Tom Vanderbilt
  • 4th place: Pat Mueller/Mike Bennett
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