2015 Annual Meeting of the Membership

We held our Annual Meeting of the Membership on October 31, 2015.  Club business was discussed and elections were held. The following members will serve as officers for a 1-year term: President – Rebecca Nguyen; Vice President – Crandall Hays; Secretary – Anna Witt; Treasurer – Margie Knitter. The following members were elected to 3-year terms as Directors: Steve Sedgwick and Bob Schneider. Additionally, Matt de St. Aubin and Glorianne Mather will complete the remaining 1-year terms of Director positions that were vacated. Leif Andresen and Carl Landgren have 2 years remaining in the terms as Directors. Thank you to our outgoing officers and directors for their service: Viki Olsen, Rob Behncke, Jim Grzybowski. The Board of Directors will be planning our 2016 season over the winter.

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