U.S. Open

This Bowls USA tournament was held in the Los Angeles, CA area September 26 – October 3. There were 190 male and 82 female participants, including our own Anna Witt and Rob Behncke. Max Cavender, associate member, also played. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the format of the Open, any team reaching the Championship Flight finals has not lost a game going in.  Reaching the finals in another flight means you have lost only one game.  Considering the competition, which consists of some of the best bowlers from the US as well as many top bowlers from other countries, getting to the finals in any of these events is a great accomplishment.

  • Anna Witt
    • Fours. 4th Flight. 2nd Place (partners Lorraine Hitchcock of SC Division, Laura Copper and Beverly Hadley of Australia)
    • Pairs. 2nd Flight. 1st Place (partner Brenda Wright of SW Division)
  • Rob Behncke
    • Fours. 4th Flight. 1st Place (partners Ash Christie, Tim Christie, and Danyon Christis of Australia)
  • Max Cavender
    • Fours. 4th Flight. 2nd Place (partners Aaron Zangl, Scott Roberts, Charlie Herbert of SW Division)
    • Pairs. Championship Flight. 2nd place (partner Matt Bauchiero of SW Division)
    • Singles. 5th Flight. 2nd Place

You can check out all the results here: http://bowlsusa.us/us_open/2015/results.php.

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